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Granby System Videos

A copy of the Granby System Wrestling DVD Set was donated to MWC.  There are eleven DVD's in the set, each covering a different series of moves.  The DVD's were created by Tom Lowrence, an All-Big 10 wrestler and very successful high school and college wrestling coach.  Coach Salyers has previewed most of the set and is very impressed with them.  Although some of them date back to the mid 1980's, the moves and defenses explained in the videos are timeless.

The videos can be checked out (one video at a time for one week periods) by any WMHS wrestler or any MWC member.  MWC members will only be allowed to check them out through their parents.  If you are interested in checking out a particular video, contact Coach Salyers.  The following titles are available:

Video #1:  The Granby pt1

Video #2:  The Granby Shrug

Video #3:  Takedowns pt1

Video #4:  Takedowns pt2

Video #5:  Takedowns pt3

Video #6:  The Granby pt 2

Video #7:  Topwork pt1

Video #8:  Topwork pt2

Video #9:  Topwork pt3

Video #10:  Topwork pt4

Video #11:  Takdown Drills

5 Basic Skills For Young Wrestlers - DVD

Tom Minkel, Michigan State University Head Coach, presents five basic moves that all wrestlers need to know:  Basic Neutral Stance; High Crotch, Swing Single, Sprawl and Stand-up.

This is a single DVD, approximately :20 minutes in length.

Minkel was the Assistant Coach at CMU when Coach Salyers wrestled there.  The material is worth seeing and Coach Salyers recommends Minkel's approach to all of the moves, EXCEPT the stance portion.

Books On Wrestling


Wrestling Tough:  Dominate Mentally On The Mat, by Mike Chapman (251 pages) - Coach Salyers has this book (4/2/07)

Mike Chapman was a wrestler in the Navy and in college, before becoming a renown sports journalist who focused most of his efforts on wrestling and boxing.  Chapman brings his considerable knowledge of the sport and his friendships with numerous wrestling legends (Gable, Brands, Fraser, et al) together to explain the concept of mental toughness.  Chapman explains that toughness is not genetic, it is learned.  In this book he describes how to acquire the type of toughness that is necessary for success in wrestling.


Four Days To Glory:  Wrestling With The Soul Of The American Heartland, by Mark Kreidler (272 pages) - Coach Skop has this book (4/2/07)

Sportswriter Kreidler, a columnist for the Sacramento Bee, immerses himself in "the largest event of its kind in the United States," the Iowa State High School Wrestling Tournament, and the result is a deeply insightful look into how young athletes and their families prepare for and participate in a yearly, four-day event where "Fathers and sons, coaches and wrestlers locked in screaming matches are as commonplace as injury timeouts." But this is no exposé: Kreidler paints a highly sympathetic portrait of the struggles of two smalltown seniors to become the 15th and 16th four-time state champions in Iowa's history. One is motivated by the doubts raised about his abilities by Iowa wrestling fans, while the other struggles with a family history of depression. In Kreidler's final stunning account of how both teens deal with the "recurring emotional whiplash" of the tournament itself, he more than proves his contention: "The really great ones, deep down, just don't give a damn" about doubts and struggles external to the sport itself. [From Publisher's Weekly]

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