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WMHS Wrestling 20-21 - WCS Covid Precautions

Wrestling practices will begin on Monday, November 16, 2020.  Practices will be held at 4pm each day.  Wrestlers will enter the high school at the Aux Gym entrance and will be met by staff who will question each wrestler regarding Covid symptoms and take their temperature.  Once you have been cleared you will go directly to the wrestling room.  WE WILL NOT BE USING LOCKERS, so be dressed and ready to begin wrestling.

On the first day, you MUST have all of preliminary forms filled out and signed by you and your parents.  The forms can be found at the link below.  Please print them and have them ready to turn in at the door on Monday, November 16th at 4pm.  If you do not have the forms you will not be allowed entrance to the building.  The forms are as follows:

WCS Covid Pledge and Commitment.  This form must be signed by BOTH you and your parents.  In the small spaces by each paragraph, BOTH you and your parents must initial.

MHSAA Sports Health Questionnaire.  If you have had a sports physical and played a sport within the past year, you do not need to have a physical this year.  Instead, you can simply fill out this form, have both you and your parent sign it and then turn it in instead of the annual physical form.

WCS Player Contract/Parental Consent Form.  This is the traditional form we have used over the years.  It is the last page in the "blue book" that is available online at the WCS website.  It is fairly straightforward.

WCS Medical Treatment Authorization Form.  This is our emergency contact form and allows us to get medical treatment for you if you get injured and your parents are not around.  Please review it, fill it out and have your parents sign it.  There are two copies for a reason.  Please fill them both out.  One will go to the Athletic Director and the other will be kept by me.

Covid Forms

Nutrition Handouts

Below are links to the materials on nutrition handed out at the parents meeting on 11/16/17:

Nutrition Power Point Presentation

Nutrition - Meal Plans

Nutrition for the Wrestling Student Athlete

Daily Meal Plan

Directions To ALL MAC Schools

Many years ago, this handy dandy piece was handed out by the Warren Mott Football Team.  We have kept it so we can find the schools at which our kids are competing.  Thought some of you might find it useful!

Directions To MAC Schools

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