Marauder Wrestling

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Click on each link below to download the forms you will need to participate in the Marauder Wrestling Club Off-Season activities.

Off Season Registration Forms

If you want to participate with Off-Season open rooms and/or compete in tournaments with the Marauder Wrestling Club, you will need to fill out the forms listed below. 

First, you will need to download and complete the general release form for the club.  It can be found here:  Release Form


Second, you will need to download and complete the Michigan statutory concussion form, acknowledging you have received the information on concussions.  Both the informative page and the page to be completed can be found here:  Concussion Form

Third, if you want to use a club singlet, you will need to download and complete the singlet loan agreement and provide the coaches with a check made payable to "Marauder Wrestling Club" in the amount of $50.00.  You can find the Singlet Agreement here:  Singlet Agreement

Fourth, if you intend to

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