Marauder Wrestling

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Season End Awards

Most Valuable Wrestler:

2009 - Logan Ramsey

2010 - Logan Ramsey (Younger)--Eric Rogers (Older)

2011 - Logan Ramsey (Younger)--James Renaud (Older)

2012 - Jacob Wise (Younger)--Kyran Daniels (Older)

2013 - Noah Alnakash (Younger)--Matt Tomsett (Older)


Marauder Award:

2009 - Sean Phalen

2010 - Sean Phalen

2011 - Marcus Esse (Younger)--Kyran Daniels (Older)

2012 - Vincent Price

2013 - Logan Ramsey (Younger) --Hunter Esse (Older)


Coach's Award:

2009 - James Pierce

2010 - Garett Strube

2011 - Collin Gaddey

2012 - Isaac Lazarowicz

2013 - Dylan Roosa (Younger)--Mike Perkins (Older)


Most Improved:

2009 - Garett Strube

2010 - Luke DeMaria

2011 - Stephen Salyers

2012 - Chris Smalley

2013 - Eddie Olsen/Isiah Daniels (Younger)--Steve Salyers (Older)


Rookie of the Year:

2009 - None

2010 - Noah Gramps (Younger)--Jalen Marion (Older)

2011 - Isaac Lazarowicz

2012 - Jude Kaptur

2013 - Nathan Legree (Younger)--Brandon Goins (Older)

Hall of Fame - MYWAY State Placers


Logan Ramsey, 2008-09, HWT, 5-6 yr olds

Logan Ramsey, 2009-10, HWT, 5-6 yr olds

Lavonte Perdue, 2012-13, 218, HS (17&18)



Eric Rogers, 2009-10, 184 lbs, 12-13 yr olds

Garett Strube, . 2010-11, 106, HS (15&16)

Kyran Daniels, 2012-13, 143, HS (15&16)



Logan Ramsey, 2010-11, Hwt, 7-8 yr olds

Jacob Wise, 2011-12, 38lbs, 5-6 yr olds

Vincent Price, 2011-12, 47lbs, 7-8 yr olds

Chris Smalley, 2011-12, Hwt, 7-8 yr olds

Garett Strube, 2011-12, 122, HS (15&16)

Garett Strube, 2012-13, 133, HS (17&18)

Jon Cox, 2012-13, 148, HS (15&16)



Nicholas Gillam, 2012-13, 122, HS (15&16)



Sean Phalen, 2009-10, 56 lbs, 9-10 yr olds

Alvin Cholagh, 2010-11, 192, HS (17&18)



Sean Phalen, 2008-09, 55lbs, 7-8 yr olds

Garett Strube, 2009-10, 86 lbs, 14-15 yr olds

James Renaud, 2010-11, 138, 13-14 yr olds

Jake Stenowski, 2010-11, 218, HS (15&16)

Gage Gillam, 2012-13, 115, HS (15&16)

Our Beginning

The Marauder Wrestling Club came to exist because it filled a need.  In 2006 Gary Skop was named the Head Coach at Warren Mott High School.  Coach Skop asked Paul Salyers and Rich Koch to assist him with the program.  The three men assessed the team that year and determined that, while they had some good wrestlers on the team, they would never really excel as a team unless they could begin to fill the lower weights with experienced wrestlers.  Since Warren Consolidated did not have middle school wrestling, they decided to form a youth club for the 2007-08 season.

That first year, the team had only a few members.  The first coach was Paul Salyers, who was assisted by Kevin Haberski and Jon Perry.  The first member was Stephen Salyers, Coach Salyers' 7 year old son.  We had 12 club members that year:  Kevin Perry, Tommy Milanov, Stephen Salyers, Alex Gulecki, Ben Gulecki, Brendan Riggs, Tyler Lindeman, Marc Mariani, Garret Strube, Dean DeGeer, Evan Pugh and James Renaud.  We didn't compete a whole lot that first year, but spent a ton of time practicing in the room.

In 2008-09, we had thirty wrestlers sign up at the beginning of the season.  By the end of the season that number had swelled to 43 wrestlers.  Our numbers continued to grow in 2009-10 and we were forced to begin practicing four days a week, with beginners wrestling on Mondays and Wednesdays and more advanced wrestlers working out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We began making some noise in the tournaments and won our first team trophy at the Anchor Bay Folkstyle tournament in February of 2010, placing 3rd.

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