Marauder Wrestling

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Most Valuable Wrestler Award

Most Valuable Wrestler - Obviously, this award is given to the wrestler who distinguishes himself as the "best wrestler" on the Warren Mott Wrestling Team in that year.  The "best wrestler" is often determined by post-season success, but number of victories and points scored for the team are also factors.


2016 - Kyran Daniels/Leann Abad

2015 - James Renaud

2014 - Lavonte Perdue

2013 - Lavonte Perdue

2012 - Ben Cantrell/Garett Strube

2011 - Kyle Gray

2010 - Anthony Best

2009 - Dan Salyers

2008 - Mike Paris

2007 - Rebwar Yousif

2006 - Bobby Kokenos

2005 - Eric Mills/Denny Kock

2004 - Justin Carleton

2003 - Eric Mills

2002 - Adam Moncrieff

2001 - Mark Fournier

2000 - Justyn Selph

Marauder Award

Marauder Award - Despite their use of the Jolly Roger (skull & crossbones), Marauders were not unscrupulous pirates.  Instead, Marauders were tough and hardy individuals given a commission to raid the enemy's towns and settlements during a time of war or conflict.  The Marauder's purpose was to undermine the enemy's economy and strike fear into the heart of the enemy populus.  Their payment was the booty they took during their raids.  Because of their "free agent" status (they were seldom given actual targets or specific missions), Marauders seldom knew where their missions would take them or whether they would ever return.  Only the most courageous men sought to become Marauders!  Only the most tenacious of men survived as Marauders! 

This award is given each year to a Warren Mott wrestler who most exemplifies the courage and tenacity of a Marauder. 


2016 - Leann Abad

2015 - Kyran Daniels/Leann Abad

2014 - Kyran Daniels

2013 - Garett Strube

2012 - Alvin Cholagh

2011 - Garett Strube

2010 - Kyle Gray

2009 - Devon Williams

2008 - Alex Fakhouri

2007 - Joe Ceravolo

2006 - Rebwar Yousif

2005 - Keith Fournier

2004 - Denny Koch

2003 - Justin Carleton

2002 - Justyn Selph

2001 - Justyn Selph

2000 - Mitchell Scheer

Coaches' Award

Coaches' Award - This award is given out each year to the Warren Mott Wrestler who is the most coachable.  The recipient is typically well-mannered and a good sport; they listen to their coaches and make every effort to implement the instructions given to them.  They have, in almost every case, been an absolute pleasure to coach.  In many instances, the Coach's Award recipient has gone on in the next season to win the Most Valuable Wrestler Award.


2016 - Gustavo DeLima/Justin Schwemle

2015 - Gustavo DeLima

2014 - James Renaud

2013 - Bret Rodzos

2012 - Evan Pugh

2011 - Matt Jundy

2010 - Matt Jundy/Roy Walker

2009 - Scott Riley

2008 - Dan Salyers

2007 - Mitch Johnson

2006 - Keith Fournier

2005 - Bobby Kokenos

2004 - Aaron Rice

2003 - Richie Koch

2002 - Adam Erdodi

2001 - Mitchell Scheer

2000 - Mark Fournier

Gung Ho Award

Gung Ho AwardThe term "gung ho" is an anglicized version of the Chinese words "gong he," which translates roughly to "work together." The term was brought into our lexicon by US Marine Corps Major Evans Carlson, the commanding officer of the 2nd Raider Battalion in WWII. Carlson picked up the term while serving in China before the war. The Marine Corps has informally adopted the term and uses it to stress the need to work together in battle in order to ensure the success of the unit. For our purposes, the Gung Ho Award will be given each year to the wrestler who exemplifies the meaning of "team." Wrestling is, after all, both an individual and team sport.

2016 - Mike Perkins, Jr.

Most Improved Wrestler Award

Most Improved Wrestler - This award is given to the Warren Mott Wrestler who demonstrates the most improvement from one season to the next, or in some cases, the most improvement over the course of a given season.  Recipients of this award typically are hard working individuals who have dedicated themselves to the sport of wrestling during the season, as well as during the off-season.


2016 - Steve Salyers

2015 - Justin Schwemle

2014 - Leann Abad

2013 - Gage Gillam

2012 - Jalen Marion

2011 - Evan Pugh/Quentin Soard

2010 - Evan Pugh

2009 - Kyle Gray

2008 - Erik Oberndorfer

2007 - Mike DiBartolomeo

2006 - Kevin Haberski

2005 - Matt Macmurtrie

2004 - Keith Fournier

2003 - Joe Dimitriou

2002 - Aaron Rice

2001 - Semedin Poturak

2000 - Eric Kruger

Career Achievement Award

2014 - Garett Strube - Class of 2014 (Service from 2010-??)

2015 - Daniel Salyers - Class of 2009 (Service from 2005-2015)

2015 - Gary Skop - Class of 1996 (Service from 1992-2015)